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Matcha is 100% green tea leaves, ground to a fine powder. Our matcha is certified Organic by the USDA. Like all tea, matcha comes from the tea leaf, but matcha is grown under a shade. This helps the tea plant to go into "overdrive" and produce high amounts of chlorophyll (this is what makes it so green and healthy). The tea is then ground up by large stones to form a very fine powder so when you drink it you ingest the whole plant and all of it's nutrients. This makes it super healthy. Matcha also provides a slow release of energy for up to six hours which helps keep you alert and focused.

Lean & Green is the home of vegan health & fitness products. Our tea is full of super health benefits and is natural fat burner. Our vegan Protein shake is spliced with a full green powder shake bringing 7 superfood nutrients per shake!

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